The history of music concentrates on what is called
"The Great Tradition" - courtly music, classical composers, great musicians and recherché compositions. It includes Purcell, Vivaldi, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Britten, and "anybody who is anybody".

There exists another world - that of the little tradition -the everyday music of country folk, untutored musicians, barroom songs, soldiers' songs and children's rhymes. Christmas carols are a surviving remnant of the many-faceted little tradition.
This is the world of folk music, interpreted by every generation of singers and musicians.

Instead of reflecting royal patronage and privilege, the little tradition deals with birth and death, love and marriage, betrayals and jilted lovers, spectacular murders and gruesomespooky tales.
Whereas one world is civilized and courteous, the other is earthy, often course, humorous or terrifying by turns. Indian Summer comes from the little tradition because we live in a real world of families and problems, loves and joys.

Annie Bamforth
guitar,mandolin and vocals

Annie grew up listening to Joan Baez and Pentangle. She met Jon in 1989. Following "fruitful discussions" Indian Summer was born.

Jon Bamforth

bass, bouzouki and vocals

Jon comes from a funk, rock and blues backgroud. In the end he got fed up with the mindless lyrics to a lot of songs. He fell in love with folk songs because they actually have something to say!

Martin Bright
drums and percussion

Martin trained at the Royal College of Music. He went to Cuba to learn Cuban percussion and Africa to learn African drumming. How about that for dedication?! Martin adds a huge amount to Indian Summer's sound.

Chris Watson


Chris has played guitar for loads of people, in loads of styles - and he's a really nice guy! We're delighted to have him in Indian Summer.

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